New callback transaction id format

A callback's transaction id (TxId) is an unique identifier that allows publishers to deduplicate the callbacks they receive in order to prevent double booking. This has been the case for screenout & complete events up until now. In contrast, Reconciliation Callbacks reused the transaction id of their corresponding complete callbacks and Rewarded Qualification Callbacks did not contain any transaction id at all.

Reward Users for Completing the Qualification

Publishers can now customize the reward a user gets after the first qualification was completed on the “Currency” tab. Rewarding the Qualification with a custom amount can motivate hesitant users to take the first step to generate revenue. The reward is paid after the user completes our initial profiler of 10 questions

New Widget Grid View

This new feature lets you multiply our different Widget Designs in a grid view. This allows Publishers to display a custom amount of available surveys. From our experience, the larger the widget and the more surveys shown, the more likely users are to interact with BitLabs.

Short Screenouts Sort-Algorithm

This new sorting algorithm heavily favors surveys that screen out the user earlier in the process of the survey. Late screenouts are already downranked in all sorting algorithms but the Short Screenouts Sorting Algorithm favors surveys with early screenouts more heavily.

Detailed Error Event Pages

Error Pages will display detailed status codes and error texts.

Publisher Logo in Offerwall

This feature allows Publishers to insert their own logo into the offerwall, making it#s design even more native to your app or webite.

New Callback Parameter: Country

There is a new Parameter implemented for the callback url which is called [%COUNTRY%]

Optimized Qualification Process

This Update allows users to select surveys where some wualifcations are missing which increases engagement.

New Event Pages

*Our new designs for screenout and complete pages increase user retention and improve the experience.

Hide Reward Value for non currency rewards

There is a new setting in the BitLabs Publisher Dashboard under the Currency settings tab