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my Bitlabs seems to be bugged

When I try to complete my profile, I get a blank screen with no questions just the 'Report Question' button and 'Dishonest answers will lead to not receiving or losing rewards and might get your account blocked.' below a blue strip. Also when i try to accept privacy terms, the accept button doesn't work.

i try many time but callback not mork

i got this Network Error when i try to test callback

Does the API integration need to be reviewed

Do I need to prepare any materials after API integration and what processes do I need

Call back test network error

When testing my callbacks I'm jsut getting a network error return. Is there a particular port out of the ordinary you send callbacks to?

Users information

How can i know if a particular user is doing surveys currectly and he deserve to be paid ? some users cheats and doesnt follow the roles so bitlabs wont consider their work how must i know ?

List of supported countries for surveys

Hello, I would like to know one thing, have you maybe think about adding Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list of supported countries, because, you already add Serbia and Croatia to the list and these 2 countries are geographically near to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Im from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I would like to see her on that list, so my question would be will you add Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list and if you will, when it will be? Thanks in advance!

About client_country string?

I am having a problem with your company's "BITLABS CLIENT API". May I ask, we are a Chinese company, how to apply to solve this problem? In addition, I tried to send emails to your company, but all of them were returned and could not be sent out. May I ask why? Thanks!

How to integrate bitlab with my app

Please help i can not find how to integrate bit lab surveys with my application please help me and guide me fully

Bitlabs publisher payment

Hello , we have been using bitlabs for more than 3 months now , we already reached the minimum payout and still never received any payout

Polls are Constantly Disqualified

Hello Dear, Despite providing correct, logical, and proportional responses to polls, the polls are cancelled and only 0.01 cents are paid and left. What is the exact problem? This issue is present in 80% of my users. :( Thank you. Best regards,