Advanced User-Based Survey API Integration


Read alongside: Postman Documentation

Please read the API Reference carefully. All necessary endpoints are listed there. You can switch example responses.

General Idea

The general idea of the User-Based API (called by the client) is to provide full access to all surveys and qualifications. The publisher himself can use it to natively integrate the questions of qualification into his product and get back matching surveys.

Target Group or Use Case: Use this API if you want to display surveys and qualifications in your design. You need to think of displaying the survey itself as well as the design of the qualification flow, we will handle everything else.



To successfully use and test our API, please introduce yourself in a quick email to [email protected], our partnerships team will verify your account and your ready to go!

Receive Surveys & Qualifications

The Get Actions endpoint returns all matching surveys for a user and the next qualification. By having these two kinds of actions, the publisher can decide if a user takes part in a survey or answers a profile question to meet more qualifications and thereby get more matching surveys.

First Time Calling

The first time the Get Actions endpoint is called, it will return only qualifications to collect a core profile before returning matching surveys.

VPN Restrictions

Single users could have restrictions for using a VPN tool or other quality issues. Please check possible restrictions in the API doc.

Open a survey

Use the link of the Get Action endpoint if you like to send a user into a survey. Just open this link in an iFrame or Webview and pass the necessary parameters. The endpoint will redirect to the survey itself.

Start a Qualification

By answering more questions, the user will receive additional surveys.
Each Get Action response contains the next qualification that has to be asked (if available).

Post the Answer back to Bitlabs by calling Answer Question.

After you answer the latest qualification, it is mentioned to refresh the Get Actions endpoint. By doing this, you will receive an updated list of matching surveys and also a possible next qualification for additional surveys.

With the endpoints of GetActions β†’ Answer Question β†’ GetActions, you can create a qualification loop to ask multiple questions in a row. Customize this process the way you like.
For this loop, we recommend the following flow: Ask for new qualifications until at least 3 new surveys are available. If more than 10 qualifications have been asked, you can also stop at 1 new survey.

Skip Surveys or Qualifications

By calling the Skip Question or Skip Survey endpoint, you can allow the user to receive another survey or qualification.


Skipping Disclaimer

Please keep in mind, that the user will receive fewer surveys by skipping a Qualification. Also, skipped surveys will never be available again.

Leave a Survey

You can optionally pass back a reason if a user leaves a survey. This helps us to improve the ranking of a survey. Simply call Leave Survey with the right reason code.

User History

If you like to build a user history in your product, you can receive the latest action for a survey by calling the User History endpoint. It will always return the latest tracked action (opening, leave, screen out, or complete) for a survey. In addition to that, it returns all the stored details about a survey.

Privacy Actions

It is very important for us to be fully transparent about the data we collect.

That’s why we provide two endpoints to give you control over user data. With these endpoints, you can process data requests (User Data endpoint) and data deletion requests (Delete User Data endpoint).

Please note that you are required by law to forward the different privacy requests of your users to all third-party companies you work with.