Get Actions

Get Actions is the main endpoint that returns the next actions a user can perform. This can be a list of
surveys the user can open or qualifications (i.e. questions) the user still has to answer before we can
return more surveys.

If surveys are returned, they are ordered by what we think is the best value for the user. To join a survey,
use the link property of this reponse and open it in a browser. The user will be redirected from there.
When a survey is completed or a screenout happend, the user is redirected to the sites you specified on
your app's dashboard.

If a qualification is returned the user can answer it to potentially get more surveys. This endpoint returns
all information to display the question to the user. To answer it, look at POST /client/networks/{networkId}/questions/{questionId}.
After answering a question, call the Actions endpoint again to get updated results.

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