Stateful Offer Callbacks

This page describes on how to utilize callbacks for different offer states

Stateful Offer Callbacks

Stateful offer callbacks can be enabled on the dashboard. Once enabled, callbacks are sent for state changes. This is mostly identical to non-stateful callbacks, with the main difference being that the user value and all other attributes are identical for all state updates.

Example callbacks received:


The example shows two callbacks being sent, to first complete and then reconcile an offer transaction for the same user. Note that raw & tx are identical in both callbacks.

Pending Offer Callbacks

There is a third, new offer conversion state called PENDING. This means, that the user has not yet received the reward but completed the offer and should wait for the reward. After a pending state callback is received, BitLabs will follow up with either a COMPLETED or RECONCILED callback after an unspecified amount of time. You should not pay this balance to the user before receiving a COMPLETED callback!