Magic Receipts

This page describes what Magic Receipts is and how to set it up.

What is Magic Receipts?

Magic Receipts is a product that allows users scan receipts of their recent purchases in order to redeem rewards. It can be used as a standalone offering, or enabled as an additional offering to offers and/or surveys. Magic Receipts are currently available in the US, Canada and UK.

How it works

In case you are not familiar with Magic Receipts, here is a guide on how users will interact with the product:

  1. User can browse and select a product on offer they like and add them in their List
  2. User can purchase the items in a qualified store
  3. User can upload the receipt
  4. The receipt will be reviewed (status callbacks will fire for the different states)
  5. User will earn the reward if the receipt is successfully verified (a callback will fire)

How to set up Magic Receipts

The Magic Receipts offering is automatically build into the BitLabs product and can be enabled on the Dashboard under the Magic Receipts section. Once enabled the Magic Receipts tab on the offerwall will only be visible for users from US, Canada and UK. If this section is not available to you, please get in touch with the Partnerships Team.

Once enabled, you can visit your BitLabs offerwall:

The token can be found on the implementation section of your app.

In case you want to exclusively display the Magic Receipts page on your offerwall, you can append the display_mode=magic_receipts parameter.

Magic Receipt Callbacks

To process the earnings of users who use Magic Receipts, callbacks will be sent to your preferred URL. If you have general callbacks already set up, you do not have to take additional action. If this is your first BitLabs integration, please read our Callback Settings documentation. We provide full transparency on all the different states a receipt can take when it’s sent for review. In order to implement the complete range of magic receipts callbacks, we would recommend to also read the Stateful Magic Receipt Callback documentation.

Magic Receipt Test Mode

In order to test Magic Receipts, we provide a test mode. You can enable it on the Magic Receipt section of the Dashboard. Once enabled, you can upload test receipts in order to receive callbacks. The test mode also allows you to test Magic Receipts outside of the US, Canada and UK.


Make sure the testing mode is disabled, once you go live with BitLabs. Do not enable it once you are live.

Callback Overview

In case you want to review which callbacks are coming in, you can visit the Integration section on the Dashboard. There you will be able to see a list of all incoming callbacks, including magic receipts callbacks. In order to see user's activity immediately, visit the “real time” tab.

SDK Set Up

The Magic Receipt feature is also available in some of our BitLabs SDKs. The following SDKs currently support Magic Receipts:

Make sure Magic Receipts is enabled on the Dashboard and the Callbacks are set up correctly. Then you can go ahead and implement the needed SDKs.

In order to exclusively show the magic receipts section in SDKs, you can use the display_mode tag:

BitLabs.instance.addTag('display_mode', 'magic_receipts');