Sign Up & Set Up

Before you can integrate BitLabs with your project, you will need to create an account and set up and app in our dashboard.

The first step for every integration is to sign up for a developer account with BitLabs. Make sure to verify your email address, as you won't be able to continue without that.


Why do we collect a preferred contact method during sign up?

We want to support your integration process as much as we can. If you feel stuck or need help, we will be able to contact you through your preferred contact method. The preferred contact method is not used for billing and you will be able to change it at any time through the dashboard.

On the BitLabs dashboard, every integration is referred to as "app". Each app will have its own API token and your user data is stored on a per-app level basis. It is recommended that you create one app for each project, but you can use the same app for multiple platforms.
Example: if your project is available on Web, iOS, and Android, you can use the same app on the dashboard for that. This way your users can use BitLabs from both desktop and mobile and keep their qualifications.

Now it is time to create your first app. Click the "+" button to do so. You will be prompted with a quick setup guide. It will only touch a few options of what is possible with BitLabs, but it is a great start.


You can go through it and get familiar with the key settings, but on the next few pages of documentation, we will run you through a proper BitLabs setup that leaves no questions unanswered. You can also skip the quick setup guide and move directly to the app settings. Your app settings are always accessible in the left sidebar of the dashboard.

Your next Step

We are now moving to the app settings in detail. These customization settings change the design and behavior of the offerwall, and it is very important to go through them. Let us start with the General Settings.