Offer API

General Concept

The user-based offer API was designed to be called by the client. You can insert a User ID and get all offers for this specific user. The response will be updated based on the user's progress to give the complete flexibility of visualization.

Target Group or Use Case: Use this API to display the (top) offers in your design. You can replace the offer wall integration with this API without changing anything in your backend.

Call the API

Call the Get Offers Endpoint to get an updated list of available offers for the user. These offers are already sorted by performance (score).

Example Response

  "data": {
    "offers": [
        "id": 0,
        "anchor": "Playstation 5",
        "description": "Playstation 5",
        "requirements": "Sign up with valid information and complete the full survey.",
        "confirmation_time": "Confirms Instantly",
        "click_url": "string",
        "icon_url": "",
        "categories": [
        "total_points": "string",
        "total_points_promotional": "string",
        "is_sticky": true,
        "events": [
            "uuid": "0dc43f54-135a-46a4-a51c-a2c5f3cfdac0",
            "name": "Completed",
            "type": "flat",
            "payable": true,
            "display_type": "none",
            "points": "string",
            "promotional_points": "string",
            "commission_amount": "string"