Design Settings

The settings on the design page enable you to visually brand our offerwall and router link to look like they are part of your product. This is important to improve trust and to make the user feel like they are still using a part of your application.

Custom Logo

A very simple but effective way of branding our offerwall is to insert your own logo. Just link the image file on our dashboard and your logo will be displayed in the top of the offerwall as well as in the loading screen.


You are also able to set custom colors for everything you see on the offerwall. Feel free to use your brand's colors here.

Implementation Mode

To make full usage of an iframe you can set this setting to iframe mode. Then the offerwall will have no border and utilize 100% width of it's container.
In new tab mode it has a max width of 700px

Your next Step

Now that your design is set up, it is time for the technical implementation. It consists of adding BitLabs to your project and setting up the callbacks in order to reward your users. In the implementation tab, we focus on setting up your callbacks correctly.