Games and Offers

This page describes what Games and Offers are and how to set it up.

What are Games and Offers?

Games and Offers is a product that provides earning opportunities for users by completing offer tasks like sign-ups, purchases for cashback, or playing games. Additionally, gaming offers usually have multiple tasks for users to complete. All they have to do is play the game and reach the given goals.

How it works

In case you are not familiar with Games and Offers, here is a guide on how users will interact with the product:

  1. Users browse through a list of games and offers
  2. They select the most interesting games or offers
  3. They download the game or visit the website through our tracking link
  4. Once they have played a game to a certain point or completed a given task, they will be rewarded

How to set up Games and Offers

The Games and Offers are automatically built into the BitLabs product and can be enabled on the Dashboard under the Games and Offers section. Once enabled you can select to enable the Games tab and/or the Offers tab. If you only enable the offers tab, then Games and Offers will be displayed on one page. If you only enable the games tab, then only games will be visible. If you enable both, games and regular offers will be split between the two tabs.

Once enabled, you can visit your BitLabs offer wall:

The token can be found on the implementation section of your app.

In case you want to exclusively display the Games/Offers page on your offer wall, you can append the display_mode=gaming or display_mode=offers parameter (or both separated by a ",").

Games and Offers Callbacks

To process the earnings, callbacks will be sent to your preferred URL. If you have general callbacks already set up, you do not have to take additional action. If this is your first BitLabs integration, please read our Callback Settings documentation. We provide full transparency on all the different states an offer can have. To implement the complete range of offer callbacks, we would recommend also reading the Stateful Offer Callback documentation. Keep in mind that a game is also considered an offer, that's why they both are using the offer callbacks.

Testing Offer Callbacks

To test Offer Callbacks, we provide a demo mode. You can enable the demo mode on the Survey section (not the games/offers section) of the Dashboard. Once enabled, you can visit the survey page to click on one of the test callback surveys, which will also produce offer callbacks.


Make sure the testing mode is disabled, once you go live with BitLabs. Do not enable it once you are live.

Callback Overview

In case you want to review which callbacks are coming in, you can visit the Integration section on the Dashboard. There you will be able to see a list of all incoming callbacks. To see the user activity immediately, visit the “real time” tab.

SDK Set Up

Games and offers are also available in our BitLabs SDKs. The following SDKs are currently supported:

Make sure Games and Offers are enabled on the Dashboard and the Callbacks are set up correctly. Then you can go ahead and implement the needed SDKs.

Offer APIs

Besides our iframe and mobile integrations, we also support offer APIs, which can be used to build your own interface around the games and offers features. Visit our User Based Offer API or Static Offer API to read more about the integration.