Currency Settings

BitLabs is here to enable rewarded surveys, and the currency settings focus on how the incentives should be displayed and for what users will be rewarded.

Currency Design Settings

Icons vs. Text

Depending on your project, you may want to use different styles to display the rewards to your users. We have prepared some options to do that. First, decide whether you want to display a text that explains your currency or an icon.


Check the checkbox and enter a link to your desired icon in the text field below.

758 925


Leave the Checkbox unchecked and enter whatever text you want to display next to the amounts. By standard, it will be inserted before the amount.
Pro Tip: You can move around where the text is displayed by adding {value} to the text field

760 925

Exchange Factor

The exchange rate input is crucial for rewarding your users. It is used for setting up how much of the dollar amount earned from a survey should be rewarded to the end-user. Therefore, it indirectly is also used to set up how much you want to keep.
Example: Let's say you have a project that has an internal currency called gems. Users are able to convert these gems into real-world currency, and you have decided on a conversion rate of 1000 gems = 1 USD. If you want to give 50% of the survey earnings to the user, you would enter 500 into this field. Now a $1 survey will be displayed as a "500 Gems" survey. The user earns 500 gems and will be able to convert them to 50 cents, you get to keep the remaining 50 cents.


You will also have to decide whether you want to be displaying amounts as integers or float values. Especially for larger exchange factors the integers make more sense, as you might not want to reward users in "500.00 gems" but you want them to see "500 gems".

Reward Settings

There are three steps in the user journey that can trigger rewards:

  • First Qualification: When a user uses BitLabs for the first time, they have to fill out a small questionnaire so that we can serve surveys that are relevant to them.
  • Survey Complete: When a survey is completed, the user gets a reward which you get to define.
  • Survey Disqualification Reward: Sometimes a user does not fit a survey. They will be sent back to the offerwall and can choose a new survey. BitLabs usually pays 1 cent to the user for this, but you can customize the incentive paid. Keep in mind that this does not increase BitLabs payments to you, it is the publisher's out-of-pocket costs to keep your users motivated.

Your next Step

Now that amounts are displayed correctly to your users, it is time to set up the design of your offerwall.