Google Play Data Safety questionnaire

Complete the Google Play Data Safety questionnaire

When you publish your app, you will be asked to complete the Google Play Data Safety questionnaire. For the BitLabs SDK, the only questions that should be answered are under the Data types step, Device, or other IDs section. Please select the following checkbox:

After selecting the checkbox above, you will be prompted to answer a questionnaire regarding the Device or other IDs on the Data usage and handling step. Please answer the questionnaire with the following suggested answers:

Is this data collected, shared, or both? - Collected YES & Shared YES
Is this data processed ephemerally? - NO
Is this data required for your app, or can users choose whether it's collected? - Users can choose whether this data is collected
Why is this user data collected? - Advertising or marketing YES
Why is this user data shared? - Advertising or marketing YES

In case you already have answered the questionnaire, you can find and edit it under: Policy > App Content. Read more about it here: