General Settings

First Page of Configuring your App

On the general settings page, you will find the settings that change the behavior of the offerwall. All settings are changed immediately when you save them, so it is possible to adapt the live version of the offerwall in your app.

App Name

You can always change your app name. It is not displayed to your users/players, therefore you can use technical naming conventions here if needed. Please avoid naming it "BitLabs" or "App" as it might be harder to track issues when you are talking to our partnerships team.


The mode setting is quite important, as it changes the entire flow of the BitLabs integration. The standard mode is the Offerwall, which is our most common integration form. It lets users select their preferred survey from a list of surveys.

Survey Opening Target

Once a user clicks on a survey, we leave it up to you to decide where that survey opens. Automatic is the preset option for this and also recommended to keep it that way.

  • Parent: If you have BitLabs in an iFrame, surveys will open in the same tab which the iFrame is implemented in.
  • Same Tab: If you use BitLabs in a separate Tab, this setting will open surveys in that exact tab.
  • New Tab: Surveys will open in a new Tab
  • None: The survey will not open at all. Don't use this unless you integrate via API and need this to be set.

Sorting Algorithm


This is a feature that will soon be available.

Our offerwall displays the top 10 available surveys by default. This way, your users have plenty of surveys to choose from. What is considered to be the best survey depends on the project BitLabs will be added to. Therefore, we give you the option to influence our sorting algorithm.

  • User Experienced Optimized: This is our standard algorithm for good reason. It optimizes surveys based on user experience, which consists of two main pillars: Earnings and Conversion Rate. We strongly recommend sticking to this preset unless you have special priorities.
  • Revenue Optimized: Surveys will be prioritized by the revenue they generate after completes. Conversion Rate is less of a priority, therefore the user experience could be worse.

Your next Step

Great, you have now set up the general environment in which your users will take surveys in. Let's move on to the Currency Settings.